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It is never the story that one believes, but the person that tells it.

Love is lust made innocent.


Life is to be spent finding the most comfortable way to suffer.

To be a realist is to be a happy pessimist.

If everywhere we have been keeps a part of us, then surely I am almost empty.

If tables had legs then they would not be there when we returned.

Beauty is the best teacher, in saying nothing it inspires and it motivates.

Reality is a cell surrounded by bars; dreams are the spaces between those bars, allowing us to see beyond our world.

Happiness is not having you, but having you need me.

It is love that I hate, and through hate than I learn to love better.

The mind should run, the body should walk and the soul should be still.


We are all born angry at God for making us mortal. Those of us whom forgive him before we die are called believers.

People who can't decide are always about to change their minds.

Patience will come to those whom wait for it.

I have always done right in the eyes of the present. However the eyes of the past and the future have not always agreed.

Life's quest is for a perfect reason for being.

Angels deceive us when they fly with those white and inconceivable wings.


Gifted liars are seldom any good at telling the truth and those without this gift are punished with the need to tell a razor sharp truth.

Love is like a gentle waltz on an iced cake.

Philosophy is ballroom dancing in a tumble dryer.

May I die in my dream, not in my sleep.

First we love because we cannot help it, then later we love through choice.